What Will Be, Will Be

There’s a deep part of our nature that wants to maintain a sense of certainty. Our inability to accept uncertainty in life causes us to overthink. What are my future plans? What comes after I graduate? Where’s my career headed? Who will I settle down with? Where will I end up? These are questions you’ll never know the answers to until they happen.

There are three choices to make for any situation in life. You can change it, accept it, or leave it. Accepting uncertainty is effortless, yet difficult to do. Changing an outcome entirely requires intervention, which can lead to unintended consequences.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change the things you’re unhappy with. Just pick your battles. Changing a situation is desiring for something better. Desire makes you unhappy unless you get what you want. Be picky about your desires and work towards meeting those outcomes. Accept every other moment as is.

que sera, sera.