TikTok And Composability

TikTok's popularity comes from its ability to recycle old content into newer memes. They explicitly make it easy for users to remix anyone's content on the app. They keep users engaged by making it dead simple to grab any element from another TikTok and incorporate it into a new TikTok. It evolves memes to have new variations, where popularity is determined by its community.

In the case of cryptonetworks, you can use code the same way as making TikToks. The next developer can pick up and experiment with already deployed code. It allows for software to connect like legos with other code (aka composability). In other words, crypto makes it simple to grab elements of a smart contract and incorporate it into something new. By open-sourcing crypto smart contracts, the rules of the network are built by its contributors. Popularity is determined by token participation. Whereas TikTok's popularity resides in the memes created.