The Barbell Strategy To Life

"Do crazy things (break furniture once in a while), like the Greeks during the later stages of a drinking symposium, and stay “rational” in larger decisions.

Trashy gossip magazines and classics or sophisticated works; never middlebrow stuff.

Talk to either undergraduate students, cab drivers, and gardeners or the highest caliber scholars; never to middling-but-career-conscious academics.

If you dislike someone, leave him alone or eliminate him; don’t attack him verbally"

-- Antifragile

Medium risks are rarely noticed, readily forgiven, and quickly forgotten. It's subjected to large measurements of error.

The barbell strategy is asymmetric. Either go big or go home. No between, just two separate extremes.

To put it plain and simple, the middleman is boring. Focus on a specific side of the barbell. It's a way for non-predictors to predict.