Central Bankers Creating A Wealth Divide

I know I said there will be no economy talk, but I saw these quotes and they made me mad:

Beuaracrats run our financial system. That's why there's a wealth divide.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

It's not a bug of the financial system, it's a feature.

Otherwise known as:

Modern Monetary Theory:

It basically means:

Aside from this thing called "inflation", we can print as much money as we want.

The theory claims that governments can spend freely by printing money and aren't constrained debt or inflation.

"Since their budgets aren't like a regular household's, their policies should not be shaped by fears of rising national debt."
-Modern Monetary Theory

Here's the theory at work to give a better picture:

The reason I don't like talking about the economy:

I showed this tweet to a subscriber pal and he replied with this chart:

My pal argued that Buffett has no right to complain. Take a look at the past 40 years in comparison to today. It’s unprecedented.

He convinced me to tell you this:

Beuaracrats aren't innovative, they’re traditional. Traditions thrive from hierarchy, so why wouldn't they divide wealth?

Money printing is to save bankers, politicians, and investors. Not yourselves. To avoid getting screwed over, find a store of value that you think is worth investing in.

Cash may not be worth saving.

The purchasing power gets lost overtime while the prices of goods rise. We're getting punished to save our money.

Whether it's stocks, bonds, index funds, or bitcoin, get rewarded by investing. Your savings are getting eaten up and shit on by incompetent assholes.