Be A Poker Player When Playing Roulette

Playing a game of roulette thinking it’s poker is better than playing a game of poker thinking it’s roulette.

The person who plays poker with a roulette mindset will lose. They will cause more bad luck by attributing everything to luck and ignoring the influence they have.

The person who plays roulette with a poker mindset will probably turn it into a game of skill on a long enough time horizon.
-- George Mack, 3 Ways to Attract More Luck Into Your Life

Influencing luck is the byproduct of leverage.

Poker players can bluff a bad-hand and make it good. Being the chip-leader brings them leverage.

Like life, poker and roulette are uncertain. If you can decide like a poker player - you'll try attract luck through skill. No matter the certainty.

Seneca once said: Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Writing the newsletter is my way of preparing for an unknown opportunity. In hopes that luck will arrive in the process.

I have no plans yet, but I'm having fun writing them (thankfully) and hopefully, you have fun reading.

It'll bring me luck in return :)